Currensea: The FinTech Leverages Open Banking to Reduce FX Fees

We let you spend abroad directly from your existing bank account at fair rates and without charges." - Currensea Currensea was founded in June 2018 by Craig Goulding and James Lynn. These two have an impressive history with Foreign Exchange (FX) and open banking. Currensea was made for those who spend a lot of time

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Regulación FinTech en la Unión Europea

Desde comienzos del 2018 la Unión Europea inicio sus esfuerzos por promover el sector de tecnologías financieras (FinTech), su importante desarrollado en los últimos años ha traído innovación y apertura en los servicios financieros. La dirección de servicios financieros de la Comisión Europea inicio la adopción del FinTech integrando iniciativas específicas, tales como: Permitir a

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Cash: The Bigger Picture

From Goats and Geese to Pounds and Pesos, mankind has seen a great innovation when it comes to payment. All over the world, the rate at which people are signing up for digital payment services is increasing at an astounding rate, leading many to think we living in a quasi-cashless world. Would they be right?,

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Spanish FinTech Startup Onyze

Onyze, a Spanish FinTech startup which was founded in 2018, solves a common problem for cryptocurrencies. Although cryptoassets are secure and are not hackable, your private and public keys are. These are the ‘passwords’ which allow you access to the wallet which holds your crypto. Nearly 7,000 people lost more than $80 million between October

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FinTech in Lithuania

If you've been following the news then you'll be aware that FinTech in Lithuania has been soaring - they've been making moves to position themselves as one of the world's prominent FinTech hubs and the largest in the EU in terms of licensed companies. At first, Baltic state Lithuania, with a population of 2.7 million

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BigTechs – Where do Facebook and Apple fit in the FinTech World?

GAFA & FinTech - Is There Potential? With all the recent innovation in the FinTech sector, a question is still left unanswered – what will GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) do? They have access to an unthinkable amount of data, cutting-edge technologies including cloud computing, AI and machine learning to leverage big data, a

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FinTech Challenger Bank Comparison – Europe’s Top 5 (Pt. 2)

Two weeks ago we published the First Part of our article "FinTech Challenger Bank Comparison – Europe’s Top 5", this week we come with the Second Part, enjoy! Monzo Monzo, originally named Mondo, was founded in 2015. This was after CEO Tom Blomfield left Starling Bank, where he was the CTO. He also took 3 other employees with

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Fluidly – The FinTech Shaping The Future of Cashflow Management

 Fluidly's Offer Fluidly is attempting to provide a solution to “the single biggest financial pain-point that businesses face”; cashflow management. What Fluidly’s machine learning-based technology does is essentially predict and optimize future cashflow projections in order to aid in better financial decision making, and in turn increasing profitability in the long term. Thanks to Open

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FinTech Challenger Bank Comparison – Europe’s Top 5 (Pt. 1)

Challenger Banks — They’re Revolutionizing the Banking Industry The FinTech startup scene has become a catalyst for innovation in the banking sector. This race has been one in which traditional banks seem to be struggling to keep up with. With this said, there have been many partnerships, acquisitions and B2B products connecting the two. Considering

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HeyTrade taps veriff for customer onboarding

HeyTrade, the new full-fledged investing platform, is partnering with Veriff, the global identity verification provider ensuring compliance and security. The app makes the process between sign-up and investing straightforward and simple, and Veriff adds an extra layer of security while accelerating onboarding. Using a simple yet sophisticated mobile platform, HeyTrade is challenging banks and brokers

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