Qonto is an online bank focused on SMEs, startups, entrepreneurs, associations, and freelancers. Their ambition is crystal clear: build the best business finance solution, by harnessing technology and design. And by offering fair and transparent pricing. 

Launched in 2017 in France. By Alexandre Prot and Steve Aravi, with the objective to save their customer time and provided everything that is needed today for a business accounting and expenses. They help you to create a business easily in four days, not wasting time in infinity administrative procedures and as little paperwork as possible. 

By 2022 the fintech has already raised €622, achieving unicorn status and becoming the first B2B to obtain a Payment Institution. Consequently, more than 250,000 companies are using Qonto today.

The startup started operating in Spain, Italy, and Germany in 2019, after the great success in France. As a fun fact “QONTO” comes from “Account” in English, “Compte” in French, “Konto” in German and “Conto” in Italian. A name that all European countries could understand.

The platform integrates the best technology and SAAS tools, so their users can have control of their finances business from wherever they are. Depending on the business activity or needs, customers can either use Qonto as the main account or as a side account for daily transactions.


  • Collaborate as a team: Order payment cards online for your team, instantly create virtual cards to pay online, control your spendings by defining payment limits per card, invite your accountant in ‘read-only’ mode and download your transaction history (and attachments) for seamless accounting.
  • Say ‘Goodbye’ to paper: Gather your suppliers’ invoices and your employees’ receipts in your Qonto account. You will never ever chase receipts or invoices at the end of the month again.
  • Connect your Qonto account to your favorite applications: Whether it is your CRM, your payroll or invoicing software – gain efficiency with our third-party integrations.

The main different between this fintech and a traditional business account, are: Qonto account cannot be overdrawn, they no offer loans, and it is not allowing cash deposits. 

Qonto offers monthly subscriptions with no set-up or permanence requirements, and no maintenance fees.They also provide 7 days a week customer service, via chat, phone, and social networks. 

Other advantages from the platform, are: IBAN and Qonto MasterCards; Team members can manage their transactions via their own user account; Tagging transactions and add attachments to make accounting easy integrated with Stripe, Slack, Sage, Cegid, ETC.

For someone who is thinking of starting a business and saving time as well as having a better control of money and paperwork, Qonto is a great option!