Recap: PSD2 and Open Banking

The banking industry is under siege; a suboptimal macroeconomic environment combined with increased regulatory governance has resulted in EU banks being unable (on aggregate) to generate returns above their cost of equity since the financial crisis. However, despite the emergence of ‘omnichannel capability’ (Telephone and Internet Banking), low interest accounts (lower for longer) and increased

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The Open Banking Revolution

There has been a silent revolution going on in the background, and that's of open banking. One-by-one as banks comply with PSD2 regulation (explained below), more FinTechs are coming up with new products leveraging this new access to data and authorisation authority. Read on to find out which startups have entered this space and to

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WealthTech Industry Overview

Since the FinTech industry has blown up in recent years, it has expanded to create several sub-categories, of which WealthTech is one of them. Services for the preservation of wealth had typically only been offered to those with 6 or 7 figure savings. With the help of technology, more investment opportunities are surfacing. Now individuals

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Acerca de nosotros

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