Brandon Gell founded Clyde Technologies back in 2017. The American fintech connects small retailers to insurance companies to launch and manage product extended warranty.

Clyde has raised a total of $58M in founding over 5 rounds and 19 investors. Their latest funding was on October 19, 2021, from series B round.

The startup leverages technology and a competitive network of insurance partners to offer extended warranties and accident protection plans on a very variety of products for different kinds of retailers. These plans cover warranty extensions, wear and tear, water damage, and even accidents.

“Clyde is on a mission to connect people to the brands they love and bring the product ownership experience to life.”

Clyde highlights that small retailers can boost their profits and charms their customers with easy access to product protection. Among other things, offer extended warranty can capture the highest margin revenue, increase AOV, LTV, and ILYs, and give customers another reason to buy directly from these retailers.

Technology is innovating the insurance industry by improving customer interaction and satisfaction, and that is why Clyde platform is designed for customer peace of mind.

Each customer has their own self-serve dashboard, where they can manage their products and protection plans. Furthermore, the fintech assures positive outcomes every time, by flexible resolution options, built-in troubleshooting, smooth handoffs with customer support team, and a thoughtfully designed customer experience.

At the same time, retailers can easily manage everything in their dashboard. The platform file all the data and activities in an omni-channel customer experience, from where it is possible to resend contracts, review and file claims, adjust resolutions, and much more.

Claims Plus

Clyde built a special plan to create amazing post-purchase experiences. This smart resolution slots seamlessly a retailer existing support workflows, trough centralizes data and automates protocols the company can deliver brand-worthy experiences with minimum time and effort.

The insurances’ fintech makes the retailers support software smart enough to resolve claims (mostly) without their agents. From the personalized dashboard of the company, the platform allows uploading historic sales; view (extend or limited) warranty coverages; review and file warranty claims for customers; and make resolution decisions or adjustments.

Having in one place the data from product purchases, support tickets, and customer feedback create a database of product insights, which will help to identify the “why” behind products issues and take action with answers to questions like:

  • What channels report the most issues?
  • Which suppliers are contributing to issues?
  • Where are products running into quality issues?

This insurtech startup is disrupting the product protection industry by providing an extended warranty policy product that makes both retailers and their customers satisfy. At the same time, is building a great, profitable, long-lasting relationship between these two.