Klarna Bank AB was founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. The bank provides online financial services such as payment solutions for online storefronts, direct payments, post purchase payments and more. Their statistics are:

  • Total active customers: 90m
  • Total number of merchants: 250k
  • Number of transactions per day: 2m
  • Number of employees: 3.8k
  • Presence: 17 countries

Klarna is currently the most highly valued privately held fintech in Europe, following a $639 million investment that pegged the company’s worth at $46.5 billion back in August. Some of their investor are Sequoia Capital, Bestseller, Permina, Visa and Atomico.

Why Klarna is the most popular FinTech in EU?

Payment solution

The main highlight of the FinTech is that it provides an indispensable payment solution. The company partner with different retailers all over the world, because of this their customers can choose easily how they want to pay. Some of these options are:

  • Purchase now and pay 30 days later: with any fees or interest.
  • Buy now and spread the cost of the purchase into four interest-free payments, paid very 2 weeks. Not interest.
  • Buy now and spread the cost for up to four years.

The philosophy of Klarna “Buy now, pay later (BNPL) however you like” is why the startup is being a success between customers and retailers. Sales boosted for many retailers by double or triple digits overnight.

Expansion and marketing

Klarna was valued $1 billion and become a Unicorn in 2013, with more than 10 million users, which is more than the population of Sweden, their birth country.

After 10 years expansion around Europe (Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, and UK), in 2015 Klarna starts testing in the USA and opened offices in Columbus, Ohio, and New York. At the same time, the company started the application to get a full baking license.

2019 was the year with their biggest marketing campaign called “Get Smooth” featuring Snoop Dogg as spokesperson and investor. The campaign become an immediate success with extensive press and social media coverage worldwide.

Customer centricity

The Unicorn understand it customer-base and constantly creates new and innovative experiences tailored to them, such as: “Join Vibe” Klarna’s rewards club, where customers can earn 1 vibe for every $1 their spend. These vibes are to turn into rewards like deals, content, discounts, and experiences.


To become part of the solution of the social problems our world faces, Klarna developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy with clear and ambitious commitments. The company focus in three main areas: 

  • Planet health
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Financial Wellness

Consequently, in 2021 they committed to dedicating 1% of future funding rounds to initiatives to promote the health of the planet.

In their 15 years Klarna has creates a cohesive brand identity, what has led them to be recognized as an innovative, transparent and different way to purchase.