Curve’s Smart Card

Curve is a banking app that allows you to aggregate your existing bank accounts and connect them to Curve’s smart card. You are able to leave all your other cards at home, and relying solely on your Curve card. You are able to choose which bank account you’d like the money to come out of via the app. Furthermore, even after paying for something, you can switch the account that gets charged in case you made a mistake. All this technology is made doable thanks to open banking, in compliance with PSD2 legislation.


In 2019 Curve raised £43m in a Series B round. and in less than a month later they started on their crowdfunding campaign looking for an extra million. Within 45 minutes of the campaign going live, Curve managed to smash their ‘goal’ and raise a whopping £4 million… But it didn’t stop there, within 4 hrs. and 41 min. they raised £6m. Check out their blog post to get more details.

However, how was Curve able to raise so much in such little time? Their finances must have been impressive right? Well, above we have the singular page which contains their ‘finances’. There isn’t a single digit in sight. It was Curve’s potential which caught everyones attention. Additionally, it was the potential of investing into a FinTech startup,

Nowadays, Curve had already raised £95m in a Series C round.

FinTechs X Crowdfunding

It seems that FinTechs and crowdfunding platforms are a match made in heaven. Investors are flocking at every opportunity to get a piece of FinTech action. Curve even stated that their customers were requesting them to create a crowdfunding campaign! As FinTechs are generally so customer-centric, it makes sense that the users want to take their involvement to the next step. But this is with good reason. The potential behind all the new products that FinTechs are creating is very high. It has taken too long to see true innovation in the finance space. In comes FinTech, and so are the investments.