B.free is a Spanish FinTech startup which allows you to get tax refunds on shopping via their app. Generally tax refunds require you to look after receipts, wait in long queues and get to the airport a little earlier. B.free decided that this was a lot of hassle, and that there was a demand for a simpler solution.


This month B.free will open a new headquarters in Lisbon. The expansion will allow them to offer tax refunds in more portuguese shops. In addition to this portuguese expansion, B.free also has other ambitious expansion plans for 2020.

B.free Tax Refund Solution

Tourists coming from non-european countries can use the app at shops that have partnered with B.free. Users only have to present some information when purchasing their product. Then an electronic receipt will be automatically sent to B.free which you can view via the app. Then in order to get the refund, you should present a code at a DIVA terminal in the airport. B.free doesn’t take any commission, unlike other services, therefore you will get the full taxback amount.