Fundsfy – The Investors Neobank

Fundsfy is one of the many neobank startups that have been shaking up the banking industry recently. Although the offering of these FinTechs have been rather similar: ease of account opening, smooth UI/UX design, transparency, innovative features etc, the target audiences haven’t varied much. Despite the fact that everybody needs a bank account, tech-savvy millennials tend to be the go-to clientele. However, as the FinTech adoption curve edges past these early adopters, Neobanks have started targeting new markets. Rebellion in Spain, Kard in France and Starling in the UK have tailored their accounts for the teenage market (Starling’s main account is for adults, whereas Rebellion and Kard are solely for teenagers). Now, with the nearing launch of Fundsfy, investors will soon have a neobank which will satisfy their banking needs.

Investment Fund Access

Fundsfy mixes the perks of a wealth management platform with that of a neobank. On the app, you can effortlessly invest in either traditional or private alternative funds (UCITS, AIF & ELTIF). Investment opportunities include: FX & stock market funds, debt funds, commodities, pension plans, crowdfunding, private equity, real estate, natural resources, luxury (wine, art, ect.) and users can use a robo-advisor. This AI trading tool leverages intelligent algorithms to invest in long/short strategies, FX markets, and provides investment tools to the general investors. It should be noted that access to these features will be dependent on which type of account you hold.

Fundsfy allows you to aggregate your banking data

Account Aggregation

Fundsfy’s offering is different to that of your typical neobank (N26, Monzo, Revolut ect) for several reasons. Not only do you get a fully functional Fundsfy bank account and investment access as stated above; but their app also aggregates your other banking accounts. If you have a substantial savings, it’s unlikely that you’ll transfer your funds from various banks into a single account. However, with this account aggregation tool, you can get a clearer picture of your finances as a whole. Furthermore, it allows for ease of use as you can seamlessly transfer between accounts and conduct other actions without leaving the Fundsfy app.

Other Perks & Overview

As if the above offering wasn’t enough, the Fundsfy app will also have an ATM locator, ‘social banking’ (ability to use Fundsfy on messaging apps), an IBAN and free worldwide ATM withdrawals. The ability to have this mix of wealth management products and advanced neobank features provide for great potential.