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Credit Industry Ripe for Disruption: AI and Big Data

Main Takeaways There are industries where the prediction of an individual’s behavior plays a key role (e.g. credit and insurance). There is now an abundance of digital data which can be analyzed, uncovering new insights to predict behaviors. Artificial Intelligence is able to analyze these sets of big data in an automated, cheap, and efficient

Credit Industry Ripe for Disruption: AI and Big Data2021-10-06T10:04:49+00:00

Banking of Things (BoT)

The Wall Street Journal’s article titled “Measuring the Economic Potential of the Internet of Things” cited McKinsey's estimate that by 2025, the economic value of the Internet of Things (IoT) will be somewhere between $4-11 trillion. Couple this with  4.3 billion smartphone users by 2023 and the emergence of digital banking and you have the rationale

Banking of Things (BoT)2021-09-03T09:59:01+00:00

WealthTech Industry Overview

Since the FinTech industry has blown up in recent years, it has expanded to create several sub-categories, of which WealthTech is one of them. Services for the preservation of wealth had typically only been offered to those with 6 or 7 figure savings. With the help of technology, more investment opportunities are surfacing. Now individuals

WealthTech Industry Overview2021-09-20T16:05:39+00:00

All You Need to Know About Facebook, Calibra & All Things Libra

BigTech Facebook has now officially unveiled its plans to enter the FinTech space with the launch of their own cryptocurrency – Libra. Below is a summary derived from the Libra White Paper - this covers all the main aspects so you can get up to speed. Main Points & Definitions “Calibra” - Facebook’s “regulated subsidiary”

All You Need to Know About Facebook, Calibra & All Things Libra2021-09-16T15:07:06+00:00

Acerca de nosotros

Spain-FinTech fue creada por un grupo de profesionales unidos por una pasión común por el FinTech y el desarrollo de esta industria en España.

El objetivo de Spain-Fintech es contribuir al crecimiento del sector FinTech en España mediante la creación y difusión de noticias, estudios, eventos y opiniones relevantes.