ANNA Money Investment

ANNA money, a London based business account / personal admin assistant has raised £8.5 million from Kinetic ventures, known for backing smart EV startup Arrival and the world’s first autonomous racing series Roborace. Now Kinetic Ventures want to tackle a new sector with this FinTech startup investment.

ANNA Money’s Offering

ANNA fuses artificial intelligence (AI) with human insights to help businesses manage their cash flow, chase invoices and pay bills, aiming to make the life of a SME director easier and more enjoyable. ANNA is in fact an acronym standing for Absolutely No Nonsense Admin, it is exactly this kind of colloquial rhetoric which is driving this FinTech startup forward; the apps’ humanistic approach to problem solving makes it easy and enjoyable to use.

The Meowing FinTech Startup

ANNA has invested heavily in advertising, with their most recent film listed below. ANNA has created their own niche in the way that their debit cards emits a meow sound whenever it is used to make a purchase…. No other FinTech startup has offered this feature, a great job by the marketing team. “Business owners can learn a lot from cat communication,” says Ellena Hinson, an animal psychologist who helped with the design. “Communicating with our clients’ needs to be simple and professional, yet timely and effective. Most importantly, business owners need to; carry some charisma like our trusted felines when getting the job done so customers warm to us straight away.” Ellena Hinson adds: “Miaowing is the perfect form of communication – it’s short, sharp but not intrusive, and alerts us to a cat’s needs immediately. Less jarring than a dog’s bark, but loud and direct enough to do the job, a miaow is the perfect sound for business owners looking to emulate a cat’s communication skills.”

The Team Behind ANNA

The workforce is made up of “experts in finance, AI, business building, branding, creative leadership, customer service and teamwork” and is lead by successful entrepreneurs Boris Dyakonov, and Eduard Panteleev, CEO, who together, have launched a number of successful financial companies in Russia since 2005. Now they’re wanting to see their FinTech startup get to the top of the food chain.

Expansion Plans

The newly acquired capital will allow the FinTech Startup to develop new tools that will be launched throughout 2019 to help customers prepare for HMRC’s Making Tax Digital initiative. Features being: analysis of expenses, cash flow predictions, and giving users a clearer overview of their finances. Eduard Panteleev, co-founder and chief executive of Anna, added: “Kinetik’s investment is invaluable in helping us create more useful tools and services that are vital to making [life] easier for our customers; the imaginative and visionary, dedicated and hardworking people behind all small and medium sized businesses.”

As more and more FinTech startups pop up in the SME digital banking space, we will more than likely be seeing an increase in quirky and creative ventures like ANNA as businesses are forced to do more to stand out.

The future looks promising for ANNA money, and increased investment will help them get closer to their goal of providing the puurfect digital assistant.